Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

World, I got married this month. Four weeks of wedded bliss. This crazy summer is finally winding down, and this week the changes were marked by cool, autumn-like weather that brought back memories of one year ago when I moved to Valparaiso to start a new job and was still crossing my fingers that it would mean the end of long distance soon. It has been an amazing year.

I’ve been struggling against myself a bit this summer. Seventy percent of the year I’m outside everyday on field trips, but summertime is when I’m stuck in the office all day everyday pushin’ papers. I liked this part of my job a lot more when I needed a break from the hooligans I saw every day. It has been an adjustment, and I don’t really feel that I’ve adjusted terribly well. I also moved in June, and was trying to care about the final wedding planning. Now that Steven has moved in and we’re nearing the end of that process of organizing, I have a little more time and brain space to get back to normal. A new normal.

With that new normal, I need to get back to waking up early. This spring I was getting up at sunrise and I let myself get lazy this summer even though I felt more sluggish when I slept in. I saw a post (this one) on Monday, and decided to start doing sun salutations every morning. I started on Tuesday with 3 (half) salutations, and to be perfectly honest, it was harder than I wanted it to be. I haven’t been running in a couple of months and our bed is too soft, so I have been really stiff. I have felt the improvement in my body as well as my mind in just four days of this, and plan to make this a part of my day, every day.

My morning routine used to be to dance to some fun tunes while I got ready, but with another person in the house I had to stop. I think this yoga routine will be less disruptive, and will help me improve my strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

Three weeks

Three weeks

In three weeks, I will be home in Muncie, preparing the last details for our wedding.

Our wedding.

Mine and Steven’s.

Wait, how old am I? I still feel like a baby. Sure, I may have jetted off by myself to live a new life a few times. I may be pioneering a brand new position at my job. (I may be a badass) but I still feel like my parent’s youngest child a lot of the time, and not that getting married will change any of that, but it still makes me feel old. It means we have to sweep up all those remaining pieces of our lives that we haven’t taken full responsibility for yet.

It also means that Steven is FINALLY going to move in with me! I don’t have any dishes besides one funny shaped plate/bowl I acquired in college, my bowl from freshman year in the dorm, and a round metal cake pan, so I broke into some of the china we inherited in honor of our wedding. Every time I’ve used it, it has evoked an emotional response. Why am I getting so excited about dinnerware?

Because 1. it’s really pretty

2. it’s bridal white (I think deep down I must be really stoked to be a bride)

3. we got it for our WEDDING and

4. Steven gets to use it with me so soon! and forever after that!

I’m guessing that all couples have an adjustment period after they get married, and I know that ours is going to be a big one. We haven’t lived in the same city for 7 years, except for last winter when I was home for three months. Getting to see each other every day is going to be great, but that also means that we’ve been used to almost 100% of our free time being “me” time. Balancing wanting to be together/helping each other live and also maintaining some of that independence is going to be a challenge.

Are we prepared to throw a party for 100+ people? I don’t feel like it, but my mom has all the essentials under control. Thanks mom. Without you, I guarantee we would have eloped.



Cleanse update: it didn’t go well the next week I tried, but the week after I spontaneously succeeded at both goals of no naps and no alcohol. Now I’m doing pretty well with both. Yay!

Life update:
Oh my gosh, everything is crazy right now!

On the wedding planning front, we’re at 96 days til the wedding so that means it’s crunch time! I’ve made lots of progress (in my opinion) in the last couple of days, so hopefully that momentum continues. Steven’s shirt, tie, and vest are ordered, so he just needs pants and shoes. My shoes, necklace, and earrings are in hand, and in two weeks I have my final fitting for my dress. It will be the first time I see what it will actually looks like. Yesterday I had a fitting of the muslin bodice to perfect the pattern, and the skirt from my mom’s wedding dress will be added to it. I’m so excited! I was really nervous before I saw it with the new bodice shape, but now I think it’s going to be perfect.

On the move-Steven-to-Valparaiso front, we have a house! Steven started a business! Things are happening! We need to get our ducks in a row to close on the house, but I basically have no doubts except for how long it will take. We thought we would end up in a major fixer-upper, but this house is actually move-in ready. We’re going to make a few changes and upgrades, and already have new paint colors picked out. We are so lucky and grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given that have led to this amazing steal of a house. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything continues the way we think it will. Quickly.

On the job and life in general front, holy moly this year is so busy. Even without the wedding and house prep and new business and moving factors, I would be crazy busy with work. Add all that on and I literally don’t have a single weekend without something going on, and usually more than one thing. It’s exciting and I’m glad to be busy, but I’m also looking forward to checking as much off my list as possible so I can still have some free time and perhaps even some flexibility in my weekends. Things will get much easier when Steven moves up here for real and the wedding/summer is over, but I also need to get used to the fact that this is my life now.

The marathon I’m running is in 4 weeks and I didn’t run a single time this past week. I really hope I’ll be ready. Gotta get back on that and stop making excuses.

self control: i have none

self control: i have none

I’m sure you’re dying to hear how my cleanse went this week. (No naps, no alcohol.)
Well, I decided to start a week ago and did great that night.
Monday, I took a ten minute nap. Sweet Steven called me and woke me up and I definitely lied and told him I was reading. Nope, fell asleep reading. It was a successful short nap though! (I get points for that, right?)
On Tuesday, Steven came to visit and I hadn’t gone grocery shopping in ages so we went out for dinner. I got a beer. I should have just shared his, but either way I was breaking the rules. So, took a day and a half to totally fail my cleanse.
Wednesday I met Steven at 18th St. Brewery in Gary for an early dinner and had a beer again.
Thursday I went out to eat with friends from IU and had a delicious margarita.
Friday I went out to 18th St. again with new friends and had a beer.
Saturday I ran 18 miles and rewarded myself with a two hour nap followed by a Zombie Dust that Steven had picked up while he was here on Wednesday.
And today I went to Easter dinner with Lauren’s adopted family and had wine.

Good job Sarah.

(HOWEVER-the drinks I had were definitely an improvement from the habit of drinking alone that I’ve been in. Obviously I need to continue this cold turkey cleanse this week.)



It’s 9:00pm on a Sunday, which means that soon the sun will be rising on another work week and I won’t take a minute to reflect on anything.

I haven’t been so great at stuff lately. My transition to full time came at an already very busy time in my life, and also during my very least favorite time of year. February and March have always been horrible for me. I finally get fed up with the long nights and start to shut down.

It’s time for me to wake up.

I’m going on a cleanse. I hate sticking to plans, so this cleanse will only be for a week. But during this week, I will not take any more naps and I will not drink any more alcohol. My naps have been a major issue for the past couple months – I tell myself I’ll wake up as I set the alarm for 7pm, and then continue sleeping through the night without ever accomplishing anything. Alcohol has just recently become an issue. I am in the habit of having one drink every night. That’s it. Just one. But I never stop myself from having that one. And that one drink makes me just sleepy/cozy enough to take a nap. That one drink also costs way too much money for not even getting tipsy. And the fact that all I want right now is a glass of wine feels like a problem.


This weekend I finally got myself kickstarted again with a 16 mile run. I need to make sure I stay on track.

Up With the Sun

Up With the Sun

Now that the days are finally getting noticeably longer, I’m trying a new thing where I get up a the same time as sunrise every day. When daylight savings time ended, sunrise was right at the time that I always get up anyway, so I figured if I could keep that up and train myself to wake up with the sun, eventually I’ll be a super early riser and will be way more productive. I like doing things for myself before work, but I hardly ever get up early enough – and if I do make time, that just means I push back when I go in to the office, which I can’t do most days.

So far I’m not that great at it. Wish me luck!



sometimes you wake up totally ready to take on the day and make it yours. for me, that usually includes “getting my life in order,” which means cleaning the house so lauren doesn’t totally hate herself for living with me again and so i don’t break my neck when walking through my room.

lately, every day that i’ve woken up feeling like this, i’ve “accidentally” fallen asleep around 8:30pm and accomplished nothing.


it’s 11:30 and i’m just getting started. and we finally have a field trip tomorrow which means corralling twenty 9-year olds at a time for five hours. #makegoodchoices

also beer is delicious and can either be motivating or sleep inducing. #facts