Spread Your Love

Spread Your Love

I have been a volunteer at the local animal shelter for two years. I’ve been slacking the past six months or so, but they have this great new thing where volunteers can take a dog for an outing so they meet people and get a break from the shelter. I finally got back into the swing of things and Steven and I adopted a dog for a day. His name was Abner, but we named him Peanut. He was perfect. We went hiking at Lake Monroe and took a wrong turn, so we ended up taking a six mile loop. Abner lead the way but didn’t pull too hard, and would have gone swimming in the lake if we let him. He was so much fun, and such a cuddler too. As soon as we got back in the car he crawled in Steven’s lap and fell asleep. I wish we could have kept him, and now I keep watching for him to be adopted. Animals are so comforting. I don’t see how anyone could ever be cruel to them. Getting my furry fix now and then is wonderful for my soul.


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