Family Dinner One

Family Dinner One

My sister moved to a new house (about three blocks away from her old one) and it happens to be across the street from her boyfriend and some close friends in her cohort. I live about 3 blocks away from her new house (and old house), so we decided to start having family dinners. Amazing what living across the street from people can do for your social life!

Family dinners happen about every two weeks, and this week it was my turn to host. Lauren and I kicked ass. (Actually I’m really proud of us for this one.) Dinner was fettucini alfredo, butternut squash, and zucchini parmesan.

I don’t have a vegetable peeler, so while I was peeling the squash I kept having to remind myself that I could cut a finger off in the process.


I then sauteed it with thyme and butter. (Suggested by this recipe.)Image

And it was delicious.

Lauren made the zucchini parmesan, and it was magnificent balance of vegetable and fat. I was impressed.


I made my mom’s fettucini alfredo with tofu (no need for extra protein!) and everyone was impressed. Go me! (Go mom!) And I overestimated and there are TONS of leftovers. Score!


Then we had store bought cheesecake with cool whip for dessert. That was an adventure in itself, because the cheesecake we got had four different varieties. So delicious!

So, as you can see, my roommate and I are awesome cooks. And I need to learn to take better food pictures.


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