More Leaves Will Fall

More Leaves Will Fall

Every year my coworkers go on a camping trip at our stage manager’s house. It’s just one night, and we grill and eat together and then part ways with our host and head down the hill to the campsite for shenanigans. He has ostriches and goats and all I want for Christmas is that property. Enjoy!

There is a really steep hill behind the campsite that we are forbidden from climbing because 1. It’s about a 70 degree incline, 2. it’s not his property anymore, 3. it’s dark and we’re drunk. Naturally, people climb it anyway. It was fun bear crawling up a dark hill and getting to the top, and not falling down it on the way back! There is a tree that was carved into by former climbers two campouts ago, so we signed it for this year.

For the past few years there has been someone on staff ordained (online) to perform weddings. So naturally lots of people get married and it’s a great bar trick. There were three weddings this weekend, including my own. My wife and I had the first homosexual wedding for the group, complete with a processional with bridesmaids and flowergirls. I hope I get better pictures taken at my real wedding.


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