Captain Peanut

Captain Peanut

Remember Peanut? Well, I guess I wasn’t the only one who kept checking to see if he’d been adopted yet — Steven had his eye on him too! He recently moved out of his parents’ house and into one that my parents are fixing up, so he didn’t have a bff to come home to anymore. He convinced himself that in a couple years it still wouldn’t make perfect sense to adopt, so why not do it now? My dad approved the addition to the household, Steven and I picked a name, and the next day I went to the shelter to take Captain home.

Guys. GUYS. He’s the cutest. We went to Petsmart to get a new leash and I let him pick out a toy. He loves plush and he picked out the most adorable toy he could and carried it to the checkout line. He has since destroyed it and pulled out the squeaky feet so he doesn’t love it as much now, but that’s okay. I wish I had a video.

A week after Steven picked him up, I went home to visit. That dog. He’s kind of crazy, but he’s so smart (or he’s a brilliant beggar). I taught him lay down and shake in half an hour. I taught him that going in his cage was a good thing (he wouldn’t go in by himself if he knew he’d be locked in). We worked on roll over, but that’s a hard one. Next is the separation anxiety issue… maybe I’ll work on that next weekend when I go home.

For now, pictures.




I love mutts so much.


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