High Pressure

High Pressure

Did you know that pets can actually help lower your blood pressure? That’s why a school in Canada is opening a puppy play room during finals week. I wish I got a puppy play room this week!

Luckily, Steven was here for a long weekend and brought Captain with him. They came Friday night and left Monday morning. Steven’s cousin was visiting and he got a full weekend of IU tradition, complete with a basketball game, Upland Brewery, Oliver Winery, and Sink the Biz at Nick’s.

Captain got to go to the dog park (which he LOVES now – he went nuts when we pulled in the parking lot) and we found out why no one was there on a 70 degree Sunday in December — mud puddles.


There was one other redheaded hound pup there for him to play with and I think having less friends around kept him more relaxed. He had a blast.

Unfortunately, now he’s gone and I have no one to wake up with in the morning. That’s okay, because I have a ton to do before the semester is over. So far I’m done with one class, today I should be finished with another, Friday I’m taking a final early for a third, and next week will be devoted to acing my last two finals. I’m worried about not passing one class, which isn’t really an option because I’m just about out of time in undergrad.

I even have a job prospect! I’m going to apply for a 5 month Conservation and Land Management internship with the Chicago Botanical Garden. It’s perfect because I could end up placed in any position in any state. I have no idea what I actually want to do with myself and could be happy just about anywhere, so this would be a great way to experience a new state and different type of job for a little bit. It pays well and often leads to permanent positions, and sounds more exciting than trying to get a parks job here in Bloomington (as much as I hate the thought of leaving Bloomington).

Having something to apply for is exciting and sort of a relief, but it’s also scary because I would have to move, many of the positions begin in June (will I even be done with my last class by then?), and I’d be leaving all my friends and family for really the first time. Even though I got out of Muncie, I stayed with my boyfriend and have many of the same friends, and see my parents almost once a month. It would be a huge adjustment. Think of the sights I would see though!

Even though I’m under a lot of pressure this year and there’s no sign of it letting up, I am exciting for the future. It’s almost here!