Pura Vida – Costa Rica

Pura Vida – Costa Rica

I mentioned in my last post that I recently went to Costa Rica. I was there for a tropical biology class — 3 credits in 11 days. It was my last chance to study abroad in college and I’m so glad I was able to go!

We visited the cloud forest of Monteverde, the rainforest of La Selva, Arenal Volcano, Cerro de la Muerte, the beach of Tamarando, and the capital city of San Jose. We were in mostly rural areas so I’m sure I don’t have an accurate idea of how life for most people in Costa Rica really is, but what I saw, I want. I would love to live in the mountains, farm, and rebuild the forest. I can’t really describe the experience, so I’ll just show some of my favorite pictures.Image

ImageImage ImageImageImageImageImage


2 thoughts on “Pura Vida – Costa Rica

  1. What an incredible experience!! I’ve been taking every opportunity I have to study abroad at school…looks like you made a great choice! I’d love to study ecotourism in Costa Rica some day. You have some lovely pictures here. Congrats on your travels!

    1. Thank you! It turns out I’m a bit of a homebody even though I’d like to think that I’m not, so I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to squeeze in at least one amazing trip in school! Costa Rica’s conservation and ecotourism programs are amazing.

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