Family Dinner

Family Dinner

I may have mentioned this before in a better post. My sister is a PhD candidate here at IU, and she lives about two blocks from my house. Her boyfriend lives across the street from her, so this year we’ve had family dinners with his roommates, her roommates, and me and my roomie.

Family dinner hasn’t happened in a long time, and I felt that since school hasn’t gotten too overwhelming for me yet I’d offer to cook to kick off a new season of dinners. I didn’t document my cooking this time because I got back from my long weekend with Steven late and had to rush to prepare the meal. So, no crappy food pictures for you. (sorry!)

I made spinach and cheese manicotti, garlic bread (straight from the grocery store, not homemade), and a romaine salad with apple, feta, craisins, almonds, and a vinaigrette that I made myself. I think the salad was the best part, but of course the pasta was delicious as well. I didn’t make enough for seconds (cheese is expensive!), but I hope that everyone was filled up. I definitely could have eaten more, but I’m not hungry at all and I don’t feel the need to snack before bed, so I hope the portions were equally as satisfying for the rest of the group. At least I got everyone together to hang out before the work week starts again!

So, there was my recipe #1 (and technically #2 but I’ll say meals made) for 2013. I got it here.


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