Cocinar para uno

Cocinar para uno

Cooking for one definitely takes practice, but I have it down to an art.  My bank account is totally empty and most of the food in my pantry takes too much work, but I’m trying to use up everything instead of buying more groceries. (Since I can’t afford to anyway.)

Tonight, I tried a different spin on my ho-hum tilapia and rice meal. Instead of rice, my carb was a slice of my mom’s homemade Dakota bread (my absolute favorite kind!) that had been in my freezer for months, and I had roasted brussels sprouts and onions for my veggie! It was delicious. I’m glad I discovered brussels! I’m worried I’m going to get a bitter bunch someday and hate them.

Who says meals on a college budget have to be ramen?

I’m also running out of coffee (and it’s old anyway), so I got some of my coffee from Costa Rica out of the freezer and ground up a serving in the blender. The difference between this cup and the cup I had this morning that I bought here in the States is amazing. I can’t drink my US-bought coffee black, and I feel like I’d ruin my rainforest coffee with anything I put in it-it’s that good! I always try to buy the best organic coffee here, too.



The coffee I’m drinking is from the finca de cafe that we visited – maybe some of my beans came from this bush!


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