7th inning stretch

7th inning stretch

I’m so glad I sucked it up and used my winter break on an amazing study abroad trip.

I’m so glad I didn’t necessarily care if I made good friends with the people I met on it, because that took a lot of pressure off.

I’m so glad I ended up becoming friends with the people I met through this program. I was sure I’d like them, but I didn’t expect us to try to hang out afterward. The first week we were back, half of us went to see the Hobbit, and the next weekend we had a party at one of our houses. Next week we’re planning a dinner date and soon after that we’re going to try to get together for another party.
I didn’t need necessarily new people to go on dinner dates with, and that’s not what I’m most thankful for.

I’m thankful for the resources I gained. I have chemistry every day with one kid that I met, and thank goodness I do, because it helps me get through it. It puts pressure on me to do well, and allows me to show what I know (you learn better when you teach it!). My four hour Friday lab isn’t so bad when I have friends working alongside me.

These are all genuinely good people. I had low(ish) expectations for them, so they easily exceeded my expectations and that’s wonderful. When we were in Costa Rica, it sort of felt like high school because we were constantly together and got way too close way too fast. It was really great to be able to relax and get to know a group of strangers like that.

I’m thankful that even in my last semester of college I could still find a new group to call home. The trip was kind of like a 7th inning stretch – a last chance to find something new at IU.


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