Learn something new everyday #1

39% of Americans believe that evolution is real. Most of that percentage believe it from a theist point of view.

Well, that’s a start. 39% is an abominable number though.

Most of scientific findings are ignored by the public. Many of these findings are extremely important to the global scope of things. The problem is that people are too wrapped up in things like celebrity gossip, fashion, wedding trends, or diets. The problem is that we’re putting terrible things into our bodies without knowing what they’re doing to us. I feel like an idiot when I’ve read too much celebrity news or watched too much TV. My brain turns to mush. I feel much better when I’m stimulated by knowledge or good music (not like bassnectar, though he’s got his place in my heart.)

If you go on a raw food diet, you may not realize that it’s not going to be as healthy as you think. You need to cook and use oils for foods to be usable for your body. Salad needs dressing, or the essential amino acids you’re trying to get out of the vegetables aren’t going to be absorbed into your body!

Science can help you.

I’m going to try to help science.

Here is a TED talk (if you don’t know what TED is, check it out!) about the science gap. It’s definitely something to think about. It’s also the first in my series of posts attempting to help narrow the science gap.

You should also check out, even though you may not get it if you’re not in academia. Try it anyway! I spent my last week procrastinating by going through all of them (they started in 1996!).


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