Out of the cold

Out of the cold

There’s a kitty in my neighborhood who just loves going through open doors. Naturally, I let him in. At first, he would come in for a couple minutes and then want to go back out again, but as winter came, he stayed for longer and longer, taking naps on our beds and begging for food.

He clearly has a home, because he’s well fed and well groomed, and also smells a little like cigarettes. I don’t know why he comes over here so often (well, I do-we let him in, and once my roommate gave him a can of tuna.) but he’s started coming over around midnight a couple times a week and he sleeps with me til about 6am.

It’s perfect, because I get my fuzzy fix and he gets a warm bed for the night. I always wake up when he gets up and he’s usually ready to be let out. Today, he meowed at my window at 5am (for some reason I heard him) and I let him in, and he was done sleeping at 8 but didn’t want to go outside. Unfortunately, I had to kick him out. It was sad, but he doesn’t have the greatest manners and my house isn’t cat proof.

I probably should have gotten out of bed for the day with him.



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