Not As Planned.

Not As Planned.

I didn’t wake up having the best day, but even though I woke up late and decided not to go to class (shame on me!) I was productive in the time I spent at home. I had a good meeting with a professor about my future (not so promising) and got a new plant out of it!

Then it snowed the most beautiful I’ve seen it snow so far this year and I walked around in it for about half an hour before class, and when I got out of class (which taught me a lot even though I didn’t want to be there) the sky was blue and it was perfect out, and I decided I had to go to the firetower for my winter trip. I was in a great mood.

I wanted to go while there was snow on the ground for the full winter effect, and I was afraid it wasn’t going to snow after this all melts, so when it was a beautiful blue sky I knew I had to go. I had already asked my sister if I could borrow her car since it has four wheel drive and would do better on the snowy gravel road, so I borrowed it and went on my way.

I should have known when her radio was locked since her battery died awhile ago that it was bad news. I didn’t have my awesome 20 minute joy ride out there like I normally would since I didn’t have music. Bad omen. But that was fine, silence is good, right?



So I get there, and am halfway down the gravel path, when there’s this jeep going what looked like 30 miles an hour on basically one lane road. We got past each other okay, but we were both clearly slipping a little bit, so I was definitely wary of the next curve. It was on a steep slope, so I knew I had to be extra careful, but it was to no avail. For about 15 agonizing seconds the oncoming suburban and I tried to dodge each other, but my car slid too far to the left and his was sliding too, and though he tried to throw his car into reverse, it went into park instead, and my back end finally gave up and spun into his bumper.

I covered my face with my hand as soon as we hit.


I’m not the type to freak out, cause a scene, and cry while on the phone with my dad or boyfriend after a wreck. I’m cool and collected, pissed, but what can I do? He was surprised by how together I seemed. Still, I think my calmness is probably not the greatest, because it means I go with the flow a bit too much and didn’t even get his make/model/plate number. I had his phone number/business card and license number, but still, I’m an idiot. He seemed like a nice enough guy – he even told me to call him on his cell if I got into trouble down the road – but I don’t know if I’m the best judge of character. Hopefully I am.

Luckily, once I actually saw my sister in person she had come to grips with the fact that I ruined her car and was glad I was okay and gave me a hug – trying not to be mad. The dent is only on her one back door, and the window, lock, and door all still work so she’s not going to even place a claim with insurance. The paint isn’t even cracked. It could have been a lot worse.

It still ruined my outing though. Not only did I wreck her car, but it was also taking study time and dinner out with friends time out of my day. Lose-lose. I spent about 10 minutes or less on top of the tower because I was crying and pissed. I half wanted to stay til sunset at first, because – duh – that would have been gorgeous, but maybe I’ll wait til the road is dry to do that. As it was getting dark I was thankful I didn’t have farther to drive out there.

At least I completed something on my bucket list. And no one got hurt. And I have a couple pretty pictures even if I didn’t enjoy the view from up there at the time.


I tried to put a positive spin on this but it didn’t really work, did it? I’m gonna have to listen to some Mika to make myself feel better – and you should too! Mika has probably been the main reason for my positive outlook lately. I’ve been feeling pretty on top of the world – to the point of when it snows or the temperature drops to the negatives I’m ecstatic. It’s pretty nice. =)


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