Thinking Thursday: 2 Minute Thesis

If you don’t know or don’t realize, a thesis is basically a person’s life’s work. I mean, not really, it’s the beginning of their life’s work, but still, your average thesis probably takes 6 years of difficult research to write.

So, this guy (the guy from the TED talk video I posted last Thinking Thursday) is a cartoonist who animates researchers’ description of their thesis – in 2 minutes. So, it’s a really cool, entertaining way to learn something you didn’t know.

Check it out – it’ll take 2 minutes of your day and you might find yourself really interested in stick bugs afterward! There isn’t actually that much stick bug content, but I’m more fascinated by the author’s decision to study them.

This is how science works. You find seemingly insignificant things that no one has bothered studying before, and if you’re lucky, you’ve discovered gravity.


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