Valentines Weekend

Valentines Weekend

Steven and I don’t really celebrate Valentines Day. It’s too close to our anniversary and Christmas/my birthday for it to make sense to spend more money on gifts, so in high school we’d go get half off teddy bears and hot chocolate gift baskets, but after we were long distance there wasn’t any point any more. I got my two favorite teddy bears that I still sleep with that way, and there’s no room in my heart or my bed for any more.

I like to fight the man, so I’ve always tried to be against the selling out of love to capitalist America.

Then last year, I thought it might be nice to get some attention while everyone else was, and hinted that I wanted flowers. Steven hinted that maybe I’d get some. I didn’t. I was pissed. Apparently I care.

So, this year I wanted to do something. No gifts, no flowers, but maybe meet in Indy sometime during the week for a movie or dinner. Steven wanted to make a weekend of it. So, this was our weekend!

On Friday when Steven got here, I made him dinner (pesto pasta and tilapia) and then we went to see Silver Linings Playbook. Steven is usually down for chick flicks but was giving me a hard time about this, but he really liked it! It wasn’t really a chick flick like I let him believe.

On Saturday I made whole wheat buttermilk pancakes and we headed to the dog park. I was a little disappointed with the pancakes because it’s my favorite recipe, but the only flour I had in my pantry was whole wheat, and they’re just not the same that way. Still delicious, but not the flavor I’ve grown up with.


Captain played at the dog park for two hours, got super muddy, had a bath, and passed out.


Steven ran some errands and then decided it was too nice outside to not go for a walk to a late lunch, so we walked downtown to get some Chipotle. We brought along a couple hopslams, which made the walk much more fun.


After Chipotle I was still a little hungry since we split the burrito, and we wanted to save our get one free for a late night snack, so we went to Hartzell’s for a chocolate basil ice cream cone. It was delish. I wanted something a little more savory, but my tastebuds were shot after the beer and spicy barbacoa burrito, so chocolate it was.


Then we headed to Lennie’s Restaurant and Brewery. I’ve heard good things but never been even though it’s about three blocks from my house, so since they are the home of Bloomington Brewing Company, I convinced Steven that was where we should have our Valentines’ dinner. We got a sampler of beer and then ordered a pint of Simcoe Kid IPA to share. We had crabcakes (omg YUM-new favorite appetizer!) and ordered pizza. We had a half and half California and Blue Apple – oh. my. goodness.

[This is where I talk only about pizza ingredients and how awesome they were.]

This pizza is so good. We got the traditional crust which is amazing, and both of our combo choices had a pesto sauce which is always awesome. The California was a regular mozzarella, spinach, black olive, sun-dried tomato, avocado and feta combo but it was still phenomenal. That half was probably my favorite. The Blue Apple half had apples, bacon, walnuts, onion, and gorgonzola. I think the only reason that wasn’t my favorite was because the bacon was a bit overpowering and the apples could have been a better variety. Still, it was an amazing combination and I love the idea of walnuts on pizza now – such a fun texture! There are so many other kinds I want to try there. Good thing it’s half off before 6pm!

We ventured out to The Tap and the Bluebird and Brothers for an evening with friends. We even topped it off with a few minutes of dirty dancing at Dunnkirk – not something Steven and I usually partake in anymore. When we got home we got to eat our chicken burrito and go to sleep.


On Sunday we had our leftover pizza for breakfast and headed to Kilroy’s to watch the Ohio State game. It was totally dead, which was kind of weird, but we were joined by a friend and sat in comfy chairs in front of the TV. We celebrated a good road win and then went to the grocery store to pick up things for dinner and also Steven’s new healthy lifestyle. We had mashed potatoes, yummy apple salad, and bacon-wrapped steak for dinner. Steven waited til my sister got home from South Dakota to leave so he had a late drive, but I was glad to have a couple more hours with him.


It was a pretty successful Bloomington weekend.


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