Action-packed April

Action-packed April

It’s no joke, this month is going to be crazy. It’s only day 1 of April and I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything that’s going on. Obviously it’s the end of the semester and I’m going into crunch time – starting/finishing final projects, realizing I was a terrible lab assistant and needing to finish all that up before my sister goes on her field season, making sure I pass chemistry, work craziness, scheduling summer classes, saying goodbye to friends =(, graduating and the like. And, two of our friends are getting married! (to each other) That’s all normal, expected stuff.

What was not quite so expected was that I would also be starting my summer internship a month early. I mean, I did expect it, but right now I’m a bit overwhelmed. I’m excited, but I sure have a lot on my plate, and of course I’m my most ambitious in the summer, so I’m only thinking of more things to add.

So far this summer I’m taking two classes to finish a minor, I have an internship that I’ll be working an average of 20 hours/week + spending extra time helping out other interns, doing my last summer at the Auditorium, and maybe finishing up more lab work for my sister. I have two weddings to go to and a fall job/internship to find. PLUS, I want to volunteer with one of my former professors owl banding (hopefully she’ll take me) and possibly with a Wildlife Biologist at Lake Monroe.

That’s at least five big responsibilities to manage in three months. This is what I do to myself every summer, and it’s really kind of lonely, but I do love Bloomington in the summer when I feel like I own it because I’m not only the only person around, but I’m so active. Let’s see how else I’ve overwhelmed myself in the summers…

  • sophomore summer I took two classes, had a job and a 20hr/week internship. I was actually the only person underage in town, so I was incredibly lonely. At least I had a pool at my apartment.
  • last summer my friends were all still in town thank goodness, but I also took a (terrible) class, had two jobs, and was still volunteering at my old internship. Totes overwhelmed. Still better with friends in town though!
  • this summer: job, internship, two classes, three potential ways to volunteer. I’m not really sure why I do this to myself.

Luckily though, this summer I don’t have to go back to school right after I’m done with all that, because …. I’LL HAVE GRADUATED!!!! I’ll hopefully take a week or two break and then hopefully have an internship lined up to go to. Probably out west in the wilderness, which won’t be good for finally having time with Steven, but will be necessary for my job prospects. Words cannot describe how excited I am to be done with classes. I’ll definitely miss college and Bloomington, but I honestly hate doing homework. I’m ready for real, hands on learning.

So many exciting things to come this year…


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