The Trip Your Trash Makes

Do you know where your trash goes after you throw it out? If you live in Bloomington, IN, this is what happens to yours. Your landfill may be even farther away if you live in another city. Check this video out to get a taste of the impact of trash day.

It’s true, I’m basically a grown up.

It’s true, I’m basically a grown up.


I made it.

4 years of undergrad.

3 summers of summer school.

135 credit hours.

2 internships.

3 jobs.

So many ways to quantify my time here at IU.

I learned a lot about myself like that over the past four years. I feel like I’ve made a difference in many of the groups I’ve been a part of and made a mark. I’ve gotten to know the city beyond campus and many members of its community. I’ve been a damn good IU student and Bloomington resident if I may say so! I’m going to be SO sad to leave – which is why I have to make this the best summer ever.

I always knew I was going to go to college. I thought I would end up further from home, but staying in Indiana and going to IU helped me become proud of my state. I have never regretted my decision to stay in Indiana. The next year is going to be full of changes, uncertainty, and probably a lot of fear, because I never knew what came after college. I have to figure it out on my feet. Luckily, I have four years worth of fantastic friends to help me along the way.

I’m ready. Bloomington has been my home for only four years, but I feel more comfortable here than anywhere else. I’m going to miss it so much, but I know it will always be here if I need it.

The End is in Sight

The End is in Sight

So, I did indeed not do well enough on my exam to pass my class… buuuuuut my wonderful professor curved the class! I passed! I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I’ve been feeling really embarassed every time asks me “so you’re done now right??” “whatcha doin when you graduate?” or says “woooo we’re done!” because I was not done. I was not making it. I got my last college miracle. Barely.

Today I was sitting in a residence hall watching freshmen move out after their first year of college. The last time I moved all my stuff back home was after my freshman year. I can’t believe how recent that feels. I can’t believe that in the last three years, I haven’t left Bloomington for more than 3 weeks. In about three months, I’m leaving. With all my stuff. Never to return to undergrad again.

I am going to lose it.

So I have a bucket list of things I absolutely have to and can do before I go.

  • quarries
  • big cheeze
  • observatory
  • camping
  • watch breaking away
  • picnic at jordan river

Okay. That’s not a very long list. Let’s do this.

So it goes

So it goes

I sort of have a bad feeling that I didn’t pass my exam well enough to pass the class. The funny thing is I could have failed the exam to still pass the class, but also my average right now is basically failing. I reallyyyy hope I got lucky and knew more than I think (I always think I know a lot and still fail).

I know I seem to have cried wolf a lot about “failing” classes this year, but I really haven’t been kidding. “You’ll be fine” they say. “What more can you do” they say. “Don’t worry about it anymore” they say.

No, see you don’t understand. The exam I took today was the difference between graduating and not graduating. It’s already the second time I’ve taken the class. I can’t afford to pay for it again. This is stupid. And while there’s always more you could have done, it wouldn’t have done much if I did.

So, for now I’ll hope for the best and look forward to:

  • the bowl of ice cream I just already ate
  • the two beers I had that reallyyy helped me relax
  • the bubble bath I took that was very warm 
  • sleeping for five hours tonight
  • taking graduation pictures with my best friends tomorrow
  • decorating my cap tomorrow
  • taking my (hopefully) last undergraduate exam tomorrow (except for the classes for my minor, of course)
  • have a clean room soon
  • my parents/Steven visiting this weekend

Also, tonight I had Rachel go frogging with me for my last required one of this class. It was way more fun than the other trips I’ve taken – Rachel caught two frogs! And we saw two frogging! (cuddling. mating. having sex.) And tadpoles! And a giant moth!