So it goes

So it goes

I sort of have a bad feeling that I didn’t pass my exam well enough to pass the class. The funny thing is I could have failed the exam to still pass the class, but also my average right now is basically failing. I reallyyyy hope I got lucky and knew more than I think (I always think I know a lot and still fail).

I know I seem to have cried wolf a lot about “failing” classes this year, but I really haven’t been kidding. “You’ll be fine” they say. “What more can you do” they say. “Don’t worry about it anymore” they say.

No, see you don’t understand. The exam I took today was the difference between graduating and not graduating. It’s already the second time I’ve taken the class. I can’t afford to pay for it again. This is stupid. And while there’s always more you could have done, it wouldn’t have done much if I did.

So, for now I’ll hope for the best and look forward to:

  • the bowl of ice cream I just already ate
  • the two beers I had that reallyyy helped me relax
  • the bubble bath I took that was very warm 
  • sleeping for five hours tonight
  • taking graduation pictures with my best friends tomorrow
  • decorating my cap tomorrow
  • taking my (hopefully) last undergraduate exam tomorrow (except for the classes for my minor, of course)
  • have a clean room soon
  • my parents/Steven visiting this weekend

Also, tonight I had Rachel go frogging with me for my last required one of this class. It was way more fun than the other trips I’ve taken – Rachel caught two frogs! And we saw two frogging! (cuddling. mating. having sex.) And tadpoles! And a giant moth!




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