The End is in Sight

The End is in Sight

So, I did indeed not do well enough on my exam to pass my class… buuuuuut my wonderful professor curved the class! I passed! I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I’ve been feeling really embarassed every time asks me “so you’re done now right??” “whatcha doin when you graduate?” or says “woooo we’re done!” because I was not done. I was not making it. I got my last college miracle. Barely.

Today I was sitting in a residence hall watching freshmen move out after their first year of college. The last time I moved all my stuff back home was after my freshman year. I can’t believe how recent that feels. I can’t believe that in the last three years, I haven’t left Bloomington for more than 3 weeks. In about three months, I’m leaving. With all my stuff. Never to return to undergrad again.

I am going to lose it.

So I have a bucket list of things I absolutely have to and can do before I go.

  • quarries
  • big cheeze
  • observatory
  • camping
  • watch breaking away
  • picnic at jordan river

Okay. That’s not a very long list. Let’s do this.


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