Indiana Winter

Indiana Winter

I’ve never been good at blogging but I have been particularly bad this year! So, my last recap was over my time in Nebraska… let’s talk about what happened next!

When I got home, the snuggle fest with Captain began immediately. So did learning some new tricks.


Steven took me to an IU basketball game for my birthday and my old boss gave us GA tickets in the student section. Steven was so excited to be that close, and I was so glad to be back at my alma mater!


Steven’s best friend moved in with us in January. We visited one of our favorite childhood places – Ivanhoes in Upland! So much ice cream. So much fudge. So yum.


It was the longest winter. It never stopped snowing! It was fantastic. Indiana winters are usually the worst because the snow never stays so it’s just wet and cold and brown and terrible for no reason. Snow definitely made it easier to handle.


Steven and I celebrated our seven year anniversary by having a night out in Indianapolis. We ate Tapas which was delicious but also meant we were hungry for pizza immediately afterward. There was another big snowstorm that night so I’m glad we decided to get a hotel because we had to pick up our new roomie from the airport in the morning and being close made it much easier!


Going totally out of order here – New Year’s Eve was spent with old friends from high school. It was really great catching up with people that I haven’t kept great touch with.


I finally bought new ski boots and went twice – once with my mom and once with Steven. I haven’t had boots that fit since probably 7th grade. Hopefully I stay close enough to snow that I can get plenty of use out of them!

2014-02-15 15.30.24

I spent a lot of time at home with the dog, cooking and applying for jobs. I saw a lot of my mom and helped her with home improvement projects, and worked part time with the family that Steven works for.

2014-02-28 13.25.04

Life in a bachelor pad.

2014-03-01 17.26.29

Completed plenty of bucket list items before leaving Muncie again – including Pizza king, Greeks, Thai Smile, the new mediterranean place, roller skating at Gibsons, where we hadn’t been since elementary school, and catching up with old friends.

2014-03-02 17.55.45-12014-03-05 22.34.54-1

It was a really great winter. Even though I was basically unemployed and not gaining any experience in my field, it was nice to relax, spend time with family and especially Steven, and focus on myself a little. I needed a break after going non stop in Bloomington for four years. Life was good – and now I’m on to the next adventure. Maybe I’ll get a post about it up before it’s over this time!



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