Adventure Perspective

Adventure Perspective

Well, California came and went. I’m honestly so grateful for every path I’ve been able to take this year. I’m so glad I didn’t have a (career path) job this winter, because it meant that I got to spend three months with Steven before I went on to continue my travels in job searching. That time was so so needed. I’m also grateful I didn’t get a job this winter because it meant I was available to help my sister with her field season for two months. That was two months I never would have spent with her otherwise, and time we will probably never have again. We were each other’s only company day in and day out, with only two layers of the fabric of our tents separating us. I got to see so much of California, camp for over three weeks straight, and gained a lot of valuable experience that was key to getting and being successful in the job I’m doing now. I spent five whole months with the most important people in my life and that means more to me than a paycheck for a little while. I’m glad to be employed now, but not really looking forward to the job search that needs to commence ASAP. Here’s hoping I get a couple weeks to spend at home with my family before the next adventure. Don’t get me wrong though, I am thoroughly enjoying my year of short-term jobs, too. California was awesome, and now I’m in Montana and I love it. If I can find another job here, I’ll totally stay. And maybe Steven will come to stay, too. 



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