I love living in the mountains. I love it when the clouds roll in and fill the valley so I can’t see the city below me while I’m at work. I love that my job requires me to be outside 95% of the time.

I feel so fortunate to be here.

A few weeks ago I was thinking that field work wasn’t for me. I mean, I had enjoyed all of it so far, but I wasn’t really convinced. I definitely miss working with a bigger staff, but at this point, if it weren’t for the uncertainty of living a fieldwork lifestyle (needing a new job every few months, never having a permanent home, being long distance for an indefinite period of time), I could see myself doing this for awhile. There are some days when I just can’t stop smiling. I mean, I get to sit on top of a mountain and enjoy nature, and I get paid for it. What more could you want?