Job Interviews

Job Interviews

I never thought of myself as an anxious sleeper, but I just sent an email to some peeps I really want to love me (because I love them) and tried to go back to bed but just COULDN’T and my heart hasn’t stopped racing since. I’m just so nervous/excited/full of anticipation!

I have a month at the most left here in Montana, and I’m so ready to prepare for the next step. Things have been moving quickly and hopefully they continue to do so. Two weeks ago I applied for five jobs, and two contacted me for interviews the next day. Certainly was not expecting that at all!

So I’ve had three interviews with these people so far, and both are great, great, great for my career goals. One is even super awesome for my personal goals – settling down and being able to move in with Steven. We’re a year out from our wedding and I’m ready to not be long distance! (7 years is way too long.)

Anyway, the current frontrunner asked me for a follow up to my follow up email, and while I may have gone a little overboard with my “succinct” summary, the entire page I wrote was so motivational and wonderful that I hope they’ll forgive me for taking their prompt and sprinting with it.

I thought it would be fun to recap my professional/interview life to clear my mind of these jitters.

  • My very first job was in the nursery at my church. My boss needed a little extra help one day and I just never stopped for four years.
  • My first “real” job was at Dominos Pizza. I was a sign waver, didn’t have to interview or fill out an application, and luckily it led to me working inside and being an assistant manager. Also knew someone there.
  • In college I missed working, so I applied for my Auditorium job. It was sort of an intense application process, completely with essay writing, job shadowing, and an interview with 8 people. I worked hard to get that job and was so excited I jumped on Steven yelling “I have a job! I have a job!” when I found out. The Aud became my home and my coworkers my family.
  • My first summer in Bloomington, I had recently started thinking about going to vet school and got an internship at a rehabilitation center. I enjoyed that work and was good at it, and volunteered for a year after that. I was so embarrassed in my interview though, because I wore business casual and my interviewer asked me why I was so fancy that day. I made up an excuse about a fraternity event afterward.
  • The next summer, I got a job at a kennel. I had been interning with the vet all year and the GM needed more help, so I filled out an application and didn’t need an interview. He tried to convince me to stay, which I would have, but I had been promoted to Assistant Manager at the Auditorium and wouldn’t have time for two jobs during the year. Sad to say goodbye. I wrote my first resignation letter for that job, which was a little weird but the pressure he put on me to stay made me feel like a regular note wouldn’t be enough.
  • My last summer before leaving Btown for good, I had two interviews for jobs at the Office of Sustainability and ended up getting one of them. Whee! I turned down an offer from Americorps for a field job that would have been great, but staying in Btown to finish minors and say bye to friends was important. Also getting paid was important.
  • Had a phone interview for the SCA and took their offer for the fall. I still wonder how many people he interviewed.
  • Last winter I enjoyed being at home and didn’t think too much about the search. The holiday season turned out to be a terrible time to start looking for a job anyway. I started applying in February and probably turned in at least 10 applications. I got 4 interviews: 1 went terribly and I was so glad they didn’t ever call back, 1 went well and I was really sad they didn’t call back, and 2 offered me positions. That’s how I ended up here in Montana.
  • This summer I’ve applied to 6 jobs and should have started way earlier, but here I am with two options still open and FINGERS SO TIGHTLY CROSSED that one of them works out. I’M READY GUYS. LET ME LOVE YOU!

I’m not trying to brag, I’m just demonstrating (to myself) that I really have a lot of interview experience and don’t need to be so nervous, because I’m pretty sure I can find something even if these don’t pan out (but they will, they have to!) My resume is pretty awesome but I’m ready to stop adding to it so frequently. This helped my anxiety slightly, so now maybe I can get myself to the field to catch some birds.


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