A Good Omen

A Good Omen

I’ve been waiting to hear about a job for over a week. I was pretty sure I hadn’t gotten it because I hadn’t heard anything, my interview in hindsight really went terribly, and even though I made up for it in a follow up email that could have made them cry, the fact that I hadn’t heard and it was past the deadline was worrying. 

Today I was at our main field site in Missoula banding nestlings and cleaning out boxes for the winter. At one point I turned to look around and about 40m away, I saw a massive black creature. My first thought was bear, because I had through to bring my bear spray today amid multiple sightings of bears in huckleberries on the mountain. It was definitely not a bear, but a wolf! It disappeared in some trees seconds after I saw it and it never reappeared where I thought it should, so maybe it heard/smelled me and changed its path. I called fish and wildlife this afternoon to let them know about the possible sighting, and they said sightings aren’t unheard of, and there are two packs in the area. 

Five minutes later, I got a call and a job offer, and immediately accepted. He was a little shocked that I didn’t need to wait and think about it, but I had known my answer for a week, so why wait? They say that the sight of a wolf means that you are using your intuition and instincts to grasp a situation well, so I feel good about my decision. I hope I don’t forget seeing it. It was only for a few seconds, but I was so present in that moment, hoping it would reappear.


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