Week two of my “new” job went a lot better than the first. I was more motivated, felt more confidant, and started feeling like I can do this. When I came in on Monday, I wasn’t really sure what projects to work on but kept myself busy. Two hours later, my boss came in and gave me at least 5 things to work on – none of them are that difficult, but somehow they’re ridiculously time consuming. I’m not used to projects taking so long. I am quickly growing out of my desk with the new responsibilities I have.

Steven came to Valpo this weekend for Valentines day. We didn’t used to bother doing anything for Valentines day, but three years ago it started to bother me for some reason – perhaps because we had been so “anti” Valentines day that it felt like a bad day. I don’t think it’s a bad day, I just think it’s overblown. I still want to take time to celebrate, because usually we don’t do special things because it’s too expensive or unnecessary or we’re lazy. So, this year we went to a couple of breweries and watched a movie (Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Steven had never seen it). I hate it when he leaves.

We’re getting to the point in our real-adult lives where we need to start making the difficult decisions. I have been feeling more and more adult (duh) lately, especially with my first full time job. Steven is moving up here in July, before the wedding, so we need to find a home. Looking for a place to live in Northwest Indiana is no fun at all because there are just too many choices. I want to stay in Valparaiso, but it’s a more expensive option. Once I start thinking about other adult expenses we will soon accumulate, I start considering living in Hammond or Gary. This is something I’m going to have to really work at if we’re going to find a hidden gem.

So many projects. So little time. I am having to try really hard to not feel like I’m failing all the time – every step I take is an improvement.


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