It’s 9:00pm on a Sunday, which means that soon the sun will be rising on another work week and I won’t take a minute to reflect on anything.

I haven’t been so great at stuff lately. My transition to full time came at an already very busy time in my life, and also during my very least favorite time of year. February and March have always been horrible for me. I finally get fed up with the long nights and start to shut down.

It’s time for me to wake up.

I’m going on a cleanse. I hate sticking to plans, so this cleanse will only be for a week. But during this week, I will not take any more naps and I will not drink any more alcohol. My naps have been a major issue for the past couple months – I tell myself I’ll wake up as I set the alarm for 7pm, and then continue sleeping through the night without ever accomplishing anything. Alcohol has just recently become an issue. I am in the habit of having one drink every night. That’s it. Just one. But I never stop myself from having that one. And that one drink makes me just sleepy/cozy enough to take a nap. That one drink also costs way too much money for not even getting tipsy. And the fact that all I want right now is a glass of wine feels like a problem.


This weekend I finally got myself kickstarted again with a 16 mile run. I need to make sure I stay on track.


2 thoughts on “Cleansing

  1. This time of year is hard– we get so over winter, and it’s hard to fight the laziness, but it’s such a great time to restart/refuel. I have all the faith you can reset yourself. 🙂

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