self control: i have none

self control: i have none

I’m sure you’re dying to hear how my cleanse went this week. (No naps, no alcohol.)
Well, I decided to start a week ago and did great that night.
Monday, I took a ten minute nap. Sweet Steven called me and woke me up and I definitely lied and told him I was reading. Nope, fell asleep reading. It was a successful short nap though! (I get points for that, right?)
On Tuesday, Steven came to visit and I hadn’t gone grocery shopping in ages so we went out for dinner. I got a beer. I should have just shared his, but either way I was breaking the rules. So, took a day and a half to totally fail my cleanse.
Wednesday I met Steven at 18th St. Brewery in Gary for an early dinner and had a beer again.
Thursday I went out to eat with friends from IU and had a delicious margarita.
Friday I went out to 18th St. again with new friends and had a beer.
Saturday I ran 18 miles and rewarded myself with a two hour nap followed by a Zombie Dust that Steven had picked up while he was here on Wednesday.
And today I went to Easter dinner with Lauren’s adopted family and had wine.

Good job Sarah.

(HOWEVER-the drinks I had were definitely an improvement from the habit of drinking alone that I’ve been in. Obviously I need to continue this cold turkey cleanse this week.)


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