Three weeks

Three weeks

In three weeks, I will be home in Muncie, preparing the last details for our wedding.

Our wedding.

Mine and Steven’s.

Wait, how old am I? I still feel like a baby. Sure, I may have jetted off by myself to live a new life a few times. I may be pioneering a brand new position at my job. (I may be a badass) but I still feel like my parent’s youngest child a lot of the time, and not that getting married will change any of that, but it still makes me feel old. It means we have to sweep up all those remaining pieces of our lives that we haven’t taken full responsibility for yet.

It also means that Steven is FINALLY going to move in with me! I don’t have any dishes besides one funny shaped plate/bowl I acquired in college, my bowl from freshman year in the dorm, and a round metal cake pan, so I broke into some of the china we inherited in honor of our wedding. Every time I’ve used it, it has evoked an emotional response. Why am I getting so excited about dinnerware?

Because 1. it’s really pretty

2. it’s bridal white (I think deep down I must be really stoked to be a bride)

3. we got it for our WEDDING and

4. Steven gets to use it with me so soon! and forever after that!

I’m guessing that all couples have an adjustment period after they get married, and I know that ours is going to be a big one. We haven’t lived in the same city for 7 years, except for last winter when I was home for three months. Getting to see each other every day is going to be great, but that also means that we’ve been used to almost 100% of our free time being “me” time. Balancing wanting to be together/helping each other live and also maintaining some of that independence is going to be a challenge.

Are we prepared to throw a party for 100+ people? I don’t feel like it, but my mom has all the essentials under control. Thanks mom. Without you, I guarantee we would have eloped.