What is blogging about, anyway?

What is blogging about, anyway?

The first time I had a blog, I think it was a livejournal. It was so long ago I can’t remember. If there was something before that, it didn’t last long. Regardless, with my livejournal and subsequent xanga blogs, they were daily journals of my life. Places for catharsis. Can blogging still be primarily be for catharsis? Is there any point to having my journal publicly available online if it isn’t going to be read by hundreds of subscribers? Am I just wasting server space if it’s mostly for me? I prefer typing over handwriting, and I need a place to record some of my thoughts, milestones, and goals to sort out this adventure that is my daily dull life. I have barely posted here, but I didn’t hate the last few posts… I was glad they were here, and am mildly proud of their content. Should I pick it up again?


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