Three weeks

Three weeks

In three weeks, I will be home in Muncie, preparing the last details for our wedding.

Our wedding.

Mine and Steven’s.

Wait, how old am I? I still feel like a baby. Sure, I may have jetted off by myself to live a new life a few times. I may be pioneering a brand new position at my job. (I may be a badass) but I still feel like my parent’s youngest child a lot of the time, and not that getting married will change any of that, but it still makes me feel old. It means we have to sweep up all those remaining pieces of our lives that we haven’t taken full responsibility for yet.

It also means that Steven is FINALLY going to move in with me! I don’t have any dishes besides one funny shaped plate/bowl I acquired in college, my bowl from freshman year in the dorm, and a round metal cake pan, so I broke into some of the china we inherited in honor of our wedding. Every time I’ve used it, it has evoked an emotional response. Why am I getting so excited about dinnerware?

Because 1. it’s really pretty

2. it’s bridal white (I think deep down I must be really stoked to be a bride)

3. we got it for our WEDDING and

4. Steven gets to use it with me so soon! and forever after that!

I’m guessing that all couples have an adjustment period after they get married, and I know that ours is going to be a big one. We haven’t lived in the same city for 7 years, except for last winter when I was home for three months. Getting to see each other every day is going to be great, but that also means that we’ve been used to almost 100% of our free time being “me” time. Balancing wanting to be together/helping each other live and also maintaining some of that independence is going to be a challenge.

Are we prepared to throw a party for 100+ people? I don’t feel like it, but my mom has all the essentials under control. Thanks mom. Without you, I guarantee we would have eloped.

full time life

full time life

I’ll admit, I’m ready for winter to be over. But not because of the snow and cold, only because of the short days and okay, a little bit the cold. The cold only gets in my way at night when I really should go for a run or go to the gym. And that is only bothering me right now because I’m supposed to be training for a marathon. Other than that, this has been a wonderful winter. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be based on last year, and we got a lot of our field trips in at work. I’m totally accustomed to the cold, but when I get home I start to feel lazy, which makes me want to get cozy, which makes me get into bed to be cozier, which for the last two weeks has resulted in me “accidentally” falling asleep at 7:30pm and not getting a single thing done at home.

It’s a vicious cycle, because then I’m motivated to get things done in the morning, but I need to be at work in the morning, so i dawdle for the first hour making my own to-do list for when I get home and have to stay at the office longer that day and..

I make a lot of excuses.

Bottom line, I’m getting really excited for this year. I’m excited for Steven to move here this summer and start helping me stay on top of life and stay motivated at home. I’m excited for the weddings and celebrations. I’m excited to take on new responsibilities at my job. I’m excited to hopefully join a few local groups and make some new friends. I’m excited to become an aunt. I’m really excited lately because I’m working on picking out my wedding shoes which means I get to splurge and not feel guilty and get really cute shoes that I love. I subscribed to birchbox and will hopefully get in better habits of taking care of myself, skin care/makeup confidance/health wise. I’ve been trying to look cute at work for the last couple of weeks because we haven’t had field trips so I don’t have to wear grungy field clothes and I like feeling fancy. Sometimes I even go as far as “business betch” and feel really professional. I’ve even started carrying a briefcase everyday instead of a backpack!

I’m feeling more bridal each day, which is a good feeling. I have never been all that excited to be a bride like I feel is expected of women, even though I’m stoked about the wedding. But as I start to actually nail down details, I embrace it more. I found a rehearsal dinner dress on my first try and it’s actually white, I’m really excited about shoes as I already mentioned, and I’m even starting to get excited about having a bridal shower (Steven’s aunt asked to throw one for me). With 149 days left to go, I need to stop procrastinating and cross some more things off that list.

Here are some pictures of what’s been going on so far this year, in no particular order, because pictures make blogs more fun:

2015-02-14 14.29.06

Steven was really excited to hold Lake Michigan when we visited West Beach on Valentines Day to see the ice shelf. I can’t wait til it’s warm and I can spend as much time as I want out here!

2015-01-27 14.00.37-2

As one of my new years resolutions, I pulled out my roommate’s keyboard and had mom give me a short lesson to get some tips on how to start. I quit playing when I was 10 or 11 which breaks my heart now.

2015-02-25 23.42.31

The last magazine I was subscribed to was TIME, because I always end up reading it when I go to my parents’ house and I thought it would be a nice way to keep up with the news. I got way behind with the weekly issues though, and decided it was best to cancel it and stop wasting paper. (I did eventually read them all before I recycled them, though. About two years later.) For Christmas I asked for National Geographic. The first issues of the year came this week. Wheee!

2015-01-17 11.39.02 HDR

Totally should have mentioned this in my January post, but I ran a 5k a couple weeks into the new year and WON it. Well, for the girls. Came in 5th overall. Not too shabby, even for a small race!

2015-01-18 12.34.58-2

Captain is as cute as ever. The size of his personality and ego constantly amaze me. I know I love him a lot more than any other dog, but I truly believe he’s one of a kind with all of his ridiculous expectations and habits.

2015-01-27 13.58.43

I was lucky enough to adopt my grandmother’s old sewing machine over Christmas. My mom did most of her sewing growing up on this machine. We’ve already been spending a lot of quality time together, mostly sewing decorations for the wedding. I meant to sew a coat for a Captain this winter, but I did at least repair some huge rips and holes in my rain pants so I could use them as a waterproof layer on snowy field trips.

That’s all for now, ya’ll. Hope to visit with you all again soon!



2014 was a good year. It started out strong, with me and Steven celebrating our seven year anniversary in Indianapolis and picking up our new roommate, Steven’s best friend Blake, the next morning. I finally started applying for work in January and started having interviews for field jobs. I started working with Steven, helping with various projects and painting houses.


I was offered a job in February, which was a huge relief. We had a going away party of sorts at our house before I went to California to be my sister’s field assistant for two months. I explored California, caught lots of Juncos, sang lots of silly songs and camped in lots of new places for March and April.


On May 1, I flew home to Indiana for a couple days before I started the road trip to Montana with Steven. We had a nice vacation, stopping at Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, his cousin’s in Wyoming, and had a couple days to explore in Missoula before he flew back to Indiana and left me on my own for the next three months.


My new roommate and I started training for a half marathon at the end of May and through June, and both ran our first half in July. We visited Glacier National Park for 36 hours, caught lots of bluebirds, sang lots of silly songs, and accidentally adopted neighboring cats.


In August I left beautiful, big sky Montana to come home to Indiana – this time Northwest Indiana. Started a new job, moved in with my old roommate from college, and made lots of visits to Muncie to make up for the three months apart that Steven and I endured. Valparaiso is a cute little town and Northwest Indiana is very different from home. It’s cool to be by the Lake (can’t wait for summer!). I’m so happy that this move worked out as well as it did.


September was the start of field trips – the main part of my job. I learned a lot about being in charge of elementary kids, very quickly. (I’m totally a pro now.)

In October I ran my second half marathon with two weeks of training under my feet. Steven turned sexy 26 and I couldn’t be there, but 27 will be a whole different story!

2014-10-26 10.57.04

November was rather uneventful, although this was the month that Steven visited me in my new home for the first time which was very exciting. We hiked in the dunes for the first time since I moved and started looking at new apartments for next year.

In December I (finally) turned 24, finally embraced being a runner when I got a GPS watch and snow chains for my shoes, completed my 2014 goal of running 500 miles, and am very much looking forward to the new year!

I’m really missing Montana, especially when I drive home through flat brown harvested cornfields, but for now I’m going to try to focus on making a home here for a little while.

In 2015 we’re getting married, two of my best friends are getting married, Steven and I are finally finally FINALLY going to move in together and stop being long distance (maybe forever!) and Captain will be coming with him. I’m going to run my first full marathon in May and my first ultra in June.

Goals for 2015:

  • Run 500 miles again. I may need to up this goal as I start training for the marathon.
  • Cultivate hobbies: cooking, sewing, reading, drawing, writing, hiking. I spend too much time in front of the TV and never get anything done. This is going to be a year of accomplishment.
  • Run 10 races. The first one is next week!